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Shine On Hollywood: A Music Showcase;”Artists Meet The Industry” A Big Success

June 5, 2010 by  
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A&G Entertainment Productions announced on Saturday, June 5, 2010 due to popular demand SHINE ON 2 Hollywood: A Music Showcase; “Artists Meet The Industry” will be held on July 15, 2010 from 5:30pm to 10:00pm at the Celebrity Center in Hollywood, CA.

Also they announced the official release of SHINE ON Hollywood: A Music Showcase; “Artists Meet The Industry” DVD available now at http://:www.agentertainmentproductions.com

“What got accomplished through ShineOn was even more than I had originally envisioned. The result was amazing!!!!! 4 out of 10 artists are now awaiting signature by various record labels. That result alone is deeply rewarding, and has me looking optimistically towards the future, and to the encore salute of ShineOn part 2 on July 15th. AGEP will continue to focus it’s effort and energy in Hollywood by creating awareness through this difference making venue. It is our intention to continue providing this incredible structure for the many artists who deserve our attention. Cheer from Hollywood!” said Arnold G, Creator, Director and Producer, ShineOn! Artists, panelists, VIP guests, fans and friends started to arrive around 6pm to witness and watch their favorite singers and to see the “Industry Panelists”. The artists, panelists and VIP guests walked to the red carpet to pose for about 14 media/press outlets who took their photos from 6pm to 6:45pm. Before the SHINE ON show started at 7pm, there was a special performance by Arnold G who song “Give It To Me Baby” with Emily Morrow (choreographer, dancer and assistant to Allan McCormick (TV, Film and Stage Choreographer) from Le Reve Wynn Las Vegas). Arnold’s dancers were Jerrell Johnson, Beatriz Vasquez and Salvador Corona. Arnold’s & the dancers costumes were designed by Gabriel Escamilla, Fashion Designer. Then Arnold G’s video was shown stating the purpose of SHINE ON. Ryan Ray, (Wake Up TV) the host, welcomed everyone to the show, and introduced all the panelists followed by the artists to perform on stage. “I think that “Shine On” is a wonderful event for upcoming artists! It gives one the tools needed to go from being a good artist to a Great Artist! I am very honor that I could be apart of “Shine On” Arnold G has started something that could World-wide.. Anything that will enhance my talent like “Shine On” I would definitely do it again”. said “Latonius J. Earl”, Recording Artist. Also Irene Soderberg, Artist, Performer & Songwriter said “In the ever evolving music industry, more on more artists are endeavoring to be seen. Having worked in the industry for 20 years. I was delighted to Hear and meet some very talented young singers, at the Shine On! competition created and produced by Arnold G on May 20th. Arnold did an exemplary job showcasing fresh and unique talent. Bravo!” The first one to take the stage was Brandy Guerra who performed “I Will Always Love You” and “You Are Not Alone.” Emily Mullen sang “Ride The Wave,” Tell Me Baby,” and “Say.” Stefani Scovolo sang “Fallen,” “The Climb,” and “I Remember.” Jesschelle performed and sang “No One,” “Get There Somehow,” and “Legacy.” Then Adrian Jaime Reyes sang and performed “On and On, “ “Breathless,” and “You Got Me So Crazy.” Jael Gadsden sang “Dancing With A Stranger,” “All I Need,” and “Drink The Water.” Latonius Earl sang “Speecheless,” “I Believed You,” and “My Song.”
“It’s been my greatest pleasure to know Mr. Arnold G. He is most serious and ambitious artist, and his wonderfully produced showcase “Shine On! Hollywood” was a true success! I was amazed to see there such diversity of musical and vocal talent. Best wishes always!” said Maestro Alex Varden, M.A. Featured Local Celebrity LA 2010 Winner Shane Facchinello sang “Automatic,” and “Halo.” Jarid Williams sang “Superstar,” “Be So Sure,” and “A Song For You.” The last singer who closed the event for the night was QUE. “I was pleased to participate in the Shine On Showcase on May 20th and see, hear and meet some talented artists. Our organization, the Hollywood Music In Media Awards, makes it a point to support and attend such events as this one that offer opportunities for emerging artists. Kudos to Arnold G and the Shine On Showcase!” said Brent Harvey, Executive Producer of Hollywood Music in Media Awards. The show ended at 9:30 pm and guests were invited to the red carpet for photo opportunity with the artists and the panelists. Some of the artists were interviewed by Diversity News TV media representatives. Free Standard Shipping on Orders Over $100! Shop Things Remembered Personalized Gifts Now! “I think the event was inspiring. It is always great to sing on a stage and feel the exhilaration that comes from that. I felt like we were all a team that night cheering each other on as we performed our songs”. said Stefani Scovolo, Recording Artist/ Songwriter. The Industry Panelists were Allan Rich, Brent Harvey, Tony Sweet, Gary Spears, Irene Soderberg, Michael Kelly, Robby Martinez, Tamela D’Amico, Kevin McDowell and Arnold Garcia aka Arnold G. American Express Giftcards “I had an amazing time performing at the Shine On showcase. It was a great experience and I would love to do it again. “ said Adrian Reyes, Artist. A&G Entertainment Productions presented SHINE ON Hollywood, music showcase “Artists Meet The Industry”. It was held on May 20, 2010 from 6:00 pm to 10:00 pm at Celebrity Center located 5930 Franklin Avenue., Hollywood, CA 90028. macys.com “I went into this not expecting what it ended up to be. I was blown away by most of the talent and think that Arnold G did a GREAT job putting this together. It was well organized and didn’t contain any ‘gaps’ which can lose a person’s interest real fast. Anyone who wants to see some up and coming talent needs to attend the next event! Shine On did just what the title says!” said Gary Spears, Former radio personality KISS-FM & KBIG. Turn 21 today! The Event’s Major Sponsors were: A & G Records, Wake Up TV, Diversity News Publications, Hollywood in Media Awards & Conference, On Air With Tony Sweet, Gabriel Escamilla Fashion, Stickam TV and the IRS. “It was great seeing so much young talent showcased at Shine On. It was a wonderful opportunity for young vocalists to express themselves and for an enthusiastic audience to appreciate them.” said Allan Rich, Academy Awards, Grammy and Golden Globe nominee, Songwriter & Music Composer. Partial Sponsors were: Parris Harris, Maricele Mendelson, Rodrigovaz.com, Jeffknightphotography.com, and Avenue Entertainment Management. “I was truly amazed by the unique and spectacular presentation of all the artists. It was a personal thrill for me to see what Arnold created out of nothing more than his vision to make a difference for the young, and undiscovered in Hollywood. It was a magical evening of non-stop entertainment. A true joy to witness the self expression of all involved.” said Tom Emberson, President, IRIS Distribution GoDaddy.com Hosting & Servers Media Coverage was provided by Examiner.com, The Scoop LA Magazine, The Photographer 007, ElleLeePhotography.com, Diversity News Magazine, Diversity News TV, DmImages.net, Nelson Photo Images, Francois Palais Photo Service, Artisfactions.com and Daniela Hubbard Photography. Napster, LLC The event Executive Producer & creator was Arnold Garcia. Stage manager coordinator was Parris Harris and it was broadcast live on the word wide web via Stickam TV in association with Wake Up TV. Masterbeat.com Microphone 468x60

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