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Diversity News Magazine & Diversity News Publications Official Media Partner of The Ferret Squad The Movie

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On Wednesday, May 9, 2012 Diversity News Publications publisher of Diversity News Magazine announced that Diversity News Magazine from The Diversity News Publications Family of Companies is an official media partners of the The Ferret Squad The Movie.
Alison Parker is currently raising funds to finish this film, which she hopes will be ready for release in the Spring of 2013. Again using social media sites as well as the web-based site Indiegogo, she is hoping to raise $50,000.00 prior to June 10, 2012. Interested potential funders can donate through the Indiegogo website directly (www.Indiegogo/TheFerretSquad). True to the main theme of the movie, 5% of donated funds will go to the cause of legalizing ferrets in the state of California through www.legalizeferrets.org.

“We are very honored to have Diversity News Magazine, published by Diversity News Publications, as The Ferret Squad’s media partner. Their promotional prowess has brought many hits to our Internet presence, and they offer a level of professionalism that exceeds most other publications. They are truly a promotional force to be reckoned with,” said Alison Parker, director of Jake and Jasper: A Ferret Tale and The Ferret Squad.

Steven Escobar, Executive Editor-In-Chief of Diversity News Magazine, Producer and Director of Diversity News TV, host of Diversity News Radio, President of Diversity News Publications and owner of owns E.E.Enterprises said “I am very happy that our organization is helping in getting the word out about this beautiful and amazing project. You know animals cannot talk but people like Alison Parker and Sally Meyer are making a difference in creating awareness and educating others that Ferrets are not bad animals, they are pets too, like cats, birds or dogs. By giving back a percentage of the movie to legalize Ferrets in California is something to say Thank you for giving voice to the ones the cannot speak.” Mr. Escobar concluded “Here at Diversity News Publications will do our best to help with the project and we will utilize all our media assets and resources to get the word out by reaching to our readers, partners, affiliates, family and friends.”

Max Jones (Connor Stanhope) is a teenage boy with a problem. He’s moving to California with his father. Unfortunately, Digger, his furry best friend, won’t be able to come along because ferrets are illegal in the Golden State.  When Max finds a way to sneak Digger across the border, he thinks his troubles are over.  But the fun and games have just begun!  Max meets and joins forces with The Ferret Squad, a group of quirky kids who spend their summer days rescuing and fostering illegal ferrets. When Animal Control plans to destroy some confiscated ferrets, Max and the Ferret Squad go on a desperate mission to save the poor animals by transporting them across the border with the law and their parents in hot pursuit.

For more information and to make a donation or help with the project please visit:
The Ferret Squad website: 

The Ferret Squad on Facebook:

Find The Ferret Squad on Twitter: @TheFerretSquad
The Ferret Squad on IMDB:

The fundraising campaign can be found on Indiegogo at http://www.indiegogo.com/TheFerretSquad

Donations can be made through the Indiegogo website. Major credit and debit cards and Paypal are accepted. The fundraiser ends on June 10, 2012.

The film is a production of Ferret Squad Media in cooperation with Union of BC Performers (UBCP), an autonomous branch of ACTRA.

About Alison Parker:
Alison Parker is a Director, Producer, and Editor living in Vancouver, BC, Canada. She was raised in Victoria and moved to Vancouver in 2000 to pursue her filmmaking career. She attended Columbia Academy, where she graduated with honors in 2002 as the Audio Student of the Year. After a brief stint as a sound engineer, Alison turned her focus to editing, producing, and directing her own films. Her first short, Night of the Unwed (2010), won 2nd place at the Dead on Film Zombie Short Film Festival. In 2011, Alison directed and produced several short films, a comedy web series about talking dogs, and co-produced a feature. Alison’s most ambitious project to date is the short film Jake & Jasper: A Ferret Tale (2011), which was funded by hundreds of ferret lovers around the world and features her own pet ferret Falcor as “Jasper”. Alison lives with her two ferrets, Falcor and Frisco. 

About Diversity News Magazine:
Is an award winning consumer news magazine covering News, Entertainment, Fashion, Features, Awards, Movies, Concerts, Sports, Red Carpet Events and much more. It is another venue for advertisers to advertise their products or services on the Classified and Display pages. The purpose of the magazine is to educate and inform its diverse community world wide and focusing on local, national, and international News, Entertainment, Features, Sports and, more importantly, newsworthy items that would be of interest to our audience. In 2009, Diversity News was nominated for The Wake Up Award, The WEHO Awards and on April 2011 received Exoti Media Award. For more information visit http://www.diversitynewsmagazine.com/

About Diversity News Publications:
Founded in 2003 Diversity News Publications, is a news/entertainment multimedia firm specialized in Advertising, Design, Marketing, Printing & Public Relations services who combines all sources in one. Diversity News Publications is the publisher of Diversity News Magazine and owns Diversity News TV, Diversity News Radio, Diversity News Productions and many more. For more information visit http://www.diversitynewspublications.com and www.diversitynewspublications.blogspot.com/

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Alison Parker, Director
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The Ferret Squad Media
TELS: (604) 345-3263 or (203) 876-1002

Sources: The Ferret Squad street team,  Ferret Squad Media, World Wide Vital Marketing & Public Relations, Diversity News Magazine
Photos credit to: Ferret Squad Media

Editor’s Note: Diversity News Magazine and Diversity News Publications from The Diversity News Publications Family of Companies are proud media partners of The Ferret Squad The Movie.

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