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Award Winning Hollywood Media Outlets Produces 2015 Holiday Public Service Announcement

Christy Oldham, Steven Escobar, Eddy Perez, photo Clinton-HolidayPSA2014)Award media outlets Diversity News Magazine, Diversity News Radio and Diversity News TV Holiday Produces 2015 Holiday Public Service Announcement of the Diversity News Publications Family of Companies.

Dec. 23, 2014HOLLYWOODDiversity News Productions, media producer of Diversity News TV and Diversity News Radio in association with Diversity News Magazine and Diversity News Publications announced the production of their new 2015 Holiday Public Service Announcement from Diversity News Magazine, Diversity News TV, Diversity News Radio and Steven Escobar of the Diversity News Publications Family of Companies.

“Diversity News Magazine, Diversity News TV and Diversity News Radio is a progressive leading resource of which I am honored to part of”. said Christy Oldham, Actress and Producer.

The production was done in collaboration with Photomundo International Entertainment and DemiGoddess Pictures.

Photo credit to: DiversityNewsMagazine.com

Photo credit to: DiversityNewsMagazine.com

The 2015 Holiday PSA message is for people not to Drink and Drive during the Holidays Season. Here is what the message reads “We want to wish you loyal readers and fans. Also to your friends and loved family Merry Christmas and Happy Fun and Safe New Year 2015. As a reminder, please do not drink and drive when you are behind the wheel. HAPPY HOLIDAYS!”

The community public service announcement was shot in West Hollywood, CA and The Grove Los Angeles. The production team were: Christy Oldham from DemiGoddess Pictures, Clinton H. Wallace from Photomundo International Entertainment, Eddy Perez, Alex Leon from World Wide Vital Marketing & Public Relations and Esteban “Steven” Escobar, from Diversity News Magazine, Diversity News Publications, Diversity News TV, Diversity News Radio and Diversity Professional Business & Media Solutions Group .

We ask you to watch and share the links of our 2015 Community Holiday Public Service Announcement video in our Youtube Channel Diversity News TV  at https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lxgzJ8dz500&list=UU1y… or in our Diversity News TV on Vimeo at http://vimeo.com/115162907

Design by Diversity News Printing Services

Design by Diversity News Printing Services

About Diversity News Magazine:
Diversity News Magazine was founded in 2009, Diversity News Magazine is an independent multi-media outlet and their mission and purpose is to educate and inform the diverse community worldwide. It focuses on featuring and reporting on local, national and international news, entertainment, features, sports and more importantly, newsworthy items that would be of interest to our diverse cultures. Diversity News Magazine is not targetting a specific group of people they work with every one that wants to work with them. For more information visit Diversity News Magazine at www.diversitynewsmagazine.com

About Diversity News Publications: Diversity News Publications the company was founded in 2003, but the website DiversityNewsPublications.com was born on June 14, 2007. Diversity News Publications, is a news/entertainment multimedia firm. Diversity News Publications media assets are:Diversity News Magazine (online), Diversity News Magazine (special limited print edition) and owns Diversity News TV on YouTube, Diversity News TV on Vimeo, Diversity News TV on Ustream.TV, Diversity News Radio (online), Diversity News Hollywood (blog), Diversity News Online (blog), Diversity News Los Angeles (blog) and many more. Also Diversity News Publications owns Diversity News Productions (events producer), Local Celebrity Los Angeles (Online & TV Production Show), Diversity News Printing Services, Diversity Professional Business & Media Solutions Group, Diversity News 3960, Diversity Recovery Systems, owner of the following social medias Tweeter @DiversityNewsEE, Instagram @diversitynewsmagazine, http://dispatchusa.tumblr.com, and many more. For more information visithttp://www.diversitynewspublications.com

Still photo credit to: Clinton H. Wallace/Photomundo International Entertainment.


Alex Leon, Director of Marketing & PR
Linda England, Events & PR Coordinator
World Wide Vital Marketing & Public Relations Inc.
TELS: (818) 787-1249 or (213) 867-1997

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Over 250 Animals Right Activists Take Action To Make West Hollywood The First Fur Free City in the USA

January 31, 2011 by  
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over 250 animal rights activists and concerned citizens in WEHOOn Saturday, January 29, 2011 over 250 animal rights activists and concerned citizens, young and old stood side by side in the Matthew Shephard Memorial Triangle Park on the corner of Santa Monica Boulevard and Crescent Heights in West Hollywood, California to rally for a fur-free West Hollywood.
Wireless from AT&T

With this ground-breaking action, the City of West Hollywood could become the first completely fur free city in the United States, leading as an example for the rest of the world to follow. The progressive city of “WeHo” was the first town to pass an anti-declaw bill and all out ban on live pet sales in the nation. With WeHo referring to human companions of animals as “guardians” instead of the past term, “owners,” it’s no wonder that they would make this unprecedented move to have an entirely fur free environment. Award winning director and animal rights attorney Shannon Keith said “in 1989 West Hollywood signed a resolution to make an animal cruelty-free zone, and it can’t be an animal cruelty-free zone unless they stop the selling of fur.”

To help make this happen, John D’Amico has stepped up to the plate, supporting the fur free message in his campaign for West Hollywood City Council. He is going to focus on this legislation while in office and be a continual advocate for a fur free world. He said that “West Hollywood has the opportunity to once again be a leader for animal welfare by becoming the first fur-free city in the nation.” D’Amico continued, “We have pledged to be a place that is free of cruelty to animals and we can no longer support the barbaric fur trade by selling the products of that cruelty in our city.”
Ed Buck, one of the organizers of “Fur Free WeHo,” said “This campaign is not just about banning fur but promoting West Hollywood as the capital of fur-free fashion, especially in its boutique district that includes a Stella McCartney store, which already shuns furs.” Buck was instrumental in helping get the ordinance passed which bans the sale of puppy mill animals in pet stores.

The initiative would make West Hollywood the first fur-free community in the United States and possibly the world. Hit Recording Artist Fawn commented “West Hollywood has always been a city ahead of it’s time, and the time is NOW to stop killing helpless and loving animals for their fur. The vanity of the fashion industry is utter insanity. People who wear real fur and even some faux furs have blood on their hands.”
Wal-Mart.com USA, LLC
Fawn walked through the crowd and streets, turning heads and hearts with a stark reminder written on a double-sided sign, adorned over her stunning rescued white wolf dog Coda, which read “15 of me = 1 fur coat” and “My father died for your fur coat.” When resident Deanne Sire saw the sign, she said “I guess I never thought of my fur having been a living being and having had a dad.”


Actor Bill McNamara stated “Fur is definitely something we need to abolish, there is no reason that anybody today, in America needs to wear fur. It symbolized meanness of spirit. There is no other reason to wear it.”

New York Times Best Selling Author, Rory Freedman agreed with McNamera, sporting a shirt which read “Mean People Wear Fur.” Freedman explained, “Amongst other horrors, animals killed for their fur are subject to neck-breaking, strangulation, drowning, and anal or vaginal electrocution. Some are even skinned alive. All this so people with low self esteem can wear this shit and someone can make a few bucks selling it? Totally unacceptable and completely unnecessary.” She added, “I am thrilled that John D’Amico is making this issue his running platform and that West Hollywood can set a precedent for other cities to follow. Real change is not only possible, it’s imminent.”

Lords Of Acid vocalist Lacey Conner declared “The fur industry will never make itself humane and the only way to stop the fur industry is to make it go out of business.” She continue, “Don’t buy fur, if no one bought fur, the fur industry would go out of business and this mistreatment would not happen. I’m just asking people to please take a few minutes to to find out what is really going on.”

Film Producer Shannon Keith pointed out, “We have an election coming up on March 8th and it’s a great time to vote for the candidate that has a platform against fur. Once we get those candidates in place in city council, we will be able to move forward with this.”

“This is not about punishment or shame, it’s about really thinking creatively about how we live in the world and taking action and stopping the barbaric actions of harvesting fur, and really looking at who we are as individuals and as a people and West Hollywood is a great place for this to start.” Concluded Candidate John D’Amico.

To find out more go to www.ourWEHO.com, www.arme.tv and www.uncagedfilms.com
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Photos courtesy & (C) 2011 by Brenda Calvillo, Ciddy Fonteboa, Gary Smith, Gene Blalock, Vicki Melton, Mary Cummins and FFD Images.

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Editor’s Note: JR, Special Writer/Correspondent contributed to this story. Also story first published on January 30, 2011 on Examiner.com at http://www.examiner.com/events-in-los-angeles/over-250-animals-right-activists-take-action-to-make-weho-fur-free-city-usa
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Writer’s Corner: How do you feel about FUR. Do you like animals to be killed in pain? Many farms are killing the animals alive in a brutal way. They take away their skin to make clothes for us and make a profit? How do you feel about it? Please leave your comments.

More then 250,000 people expected to see Ricki Lake Crowned Queen of the West Hollywood Halloween Carnaval

October 28, 2009 by  
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rickiOn October 26, 2009 the city of West Hollywood announced the Actress, Emmy-nominated television personality and independent filmmaker, Ricki Lake will be crowned “Queen of the Carnaval” at the West Hollywood Halloween Carnaval set for Saturday, October 31, 2009 between 6 p.m. and 11 p.m. on Santa Monica Boulevard between Doheny Drive and La Cienega Boulevard in West Hollywood. The Coronation of the Queen of the Carnaval will begin at 8:30 p.m. on the “Arcade Stage” located at the intersection of Santa Monica Boulevard and San Vicente Boulevard. The honorary titles of “Queen of the Carnaval” is a highlight at the West Hollywood Halloween Carnaval, with the coronation taking place in front of more than 250,000 anticipated revelers this year.

Ricki Lake is an entertainer who has successfully reinvented herself at every stage of her career, always connecting with her audience through her talent and endearing spirit. Ricki made her acting debut as the heroine of the original John Waters’ film “Hairspray.” Later, with a surprise turn as a talk show host, she met with unprecedented success, garnering several honors and accolades both nationally and internationally including a Daytime Emmy nomination for “Outstanding Talk Show Host” and Sweden’s Aftonbladet TV Prize for “Best Foreign TV Personality” as well as earning a place as a pop culture icon whose voice has remained relevant and relatable for nearly two decades.

Ricki’s latest role — that of an independent filmmaker, family advocate and author has kept her uniquely charming perspective firmly in the public’s consciousness. In 2008, Ricki executive produced the critically-acclaimed documentary “The Business of Being Born.” The film, which debuted at the 2007 Tribeca Film Festival, examined natural childbirth in the United States and studied the high rate of medical interventions in low-risk pregnancies. Since the film’s theatrical and DVD releases, the project has generated a grassroots movement, encouraging many parents-to-be to become informed about their birthing options – including homebirths and hospital births. In May 2009, Lake and the director of “The Business of Being Born,” Abby Epstein, released their first book “Your Best Birth.” The guide is an invaluable tool for expecting parents, designed to educate families about their birthing options.

Some of the entertainment Line up includes:

Vaudeviile Stage (@ Almont)

Vaud & The Villains, an 18 piece ragtag ‘house’ band

Silk Sisters Aerial Acrobat duo

Lux Lacroix , Burlesque Artist

Karis, Hula Dance Artist,

Eve La Dare Stilt Artist

Master of Ceremony: Vaud Overstreet

Illusion Stage (@ West Knoll)

Christopher Wonder, illusionist

Jacqui Kreisler, Contortionist

Machina Candeo, Fire Dancers

Robert Baxt, Macabre Magician

Pasha & Vladamir, Body Balancers

plus Cirque troupe

Master of Ceremony: Christopher Wonder

Arcade Stage (@ San Vicente)

Jeffree Star


Crush 333

Coronation of the Carnaval Queen

Carnaval Costume Contest

Master of Ceremony: Momma

Music Pod DJ Talent are:

Zen Freeman

Mia Morretti

Daisy O’Dell

Aaron Colbert

 This years Halloween Carnaval is being produced by Authentic, and entertainment and experiential marketing agency.

For more information about the West Hollywood Halloween Carnaval, call Liz Tran at (323) 848-6307 or visit the website at www.weho.org/halloween

Photo by Alex Palomares, Diversity News (C) 2009 by Diversity News Publications. All Rights Are Reserved.

Micky’s The New West Hollywood 21st Century Landmark

June 13, 2009 by  
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CuttingAfter almost two years being closed due to an electrical fire. Micky’s Bar opened again all transformed as the new 21st Century Landmark.
The club opened it is doors on April 23, 2009, but the Official Grand Re-Opening Ceremony was held on June 10, 2009 from 4pm to 10pm.

The theme for the Official Grand Re-Opening was Circus Extravaganza. It was decorated with balloons, clown at the main entrance door and even featured real Go-go clowns, Scantily-Clad Performers and much more.

On the Official Grand Re-Opening Micky’s management and staff shared in a press conference with members of the media, government officials and club patrons what did happen to the club on the wild terrible evening of August 21, 2007 when the fire started.
Andrew Christian
Special dedication recognition was given to the West Hollywood Fire Department. John Duran, West Hollywood Council Member made the official declaration for Micky’s to be opened again for business. Micky’s management, staff with government officials pose for the Ribbon cutting ceremony (Ribbon made up of AussieBum Undies).
The VIP party was held on the 2nd floor where free drinks and food snacks was served. Afterward the celebration continued on the first floor from 7 pm to 10 pm where again free drinks and food snacks was served to VIP and their guests and even feature some wild live entertainment. Unfortunately, somebody gave orders to bartenders to start charging regular prices around 8:30 pm without announcing to the VIP and their guests.

In a press release issue by Mike Stommel of WAGNER/JUNKER AGENCY. Designer Dean Larkin stated “This is a 21st century nightclub for a 21st century scene”. Mr. Larkin is credited with designing award winning projects such as Farmer’s Daughter Motel as well as homes for celebrities like Lily Tomlin, Jane Wagner and John Fogerty.
Micky’s used to be named, “The Four Star,” around 1933, then it was purchased on 1988 by Michael Neymeyer co-owner and he named “Micky’s.”

“For more than two decades Micky’s has been gay L.A.’s hottest community bar.” Said Michael Neymeyer, Micky’s owner. He concluded “ Times have changed and so have we; we’re excited to re-introduce our landmark space and revved-up attitude to everyone looking for a new nightclub experience.”

Micky’s is located at 8857 Santa Monica Blvd., West Hollywood, CA 90069. They are open for business: Mondays to Thursdays 4pm – 2am, Fridays 4pm – 4am, Saturdays 11am – 4am and Sundays 11am – 2am. For more information call @ (310) 657-1176 or for more information about events and menu feature visit website: http://www.micky’s.com
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