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Macaulay Culkin ‘Home Alone’ Movie Chicago House for Sale Listed $2.4 Million

May 5, 2011 by  
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MSN Real Estate Teresa Mears reported on Thursday, May 5, 2011 that the house that a young Macaulay Culkin defended from home invaders in the classic 1990 film “Home Alone”can now be yours.
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The couple that owned the 1920s Colonial home in Winnetka, Ill., during the making of the movie are empty nesters and ready to downsize. They are selling the 4,250-square-foot house with four bedroom suites on a half-acre lot about 30 miles outside of Chicago. The listing price is $2.4 million.

“We don’t think about it all that much, and yet there are times we are reminded that the house is somewhat of an icon,” owner Cynthia Abendshien says on a video advertising the property. She mentions once being asked by Chicago Mayor Richard M. Daley to show the house to the Japanese ambassador.

She and her husband, John, bought the home in 1988 and lived there with their daughter, Lauren, during the five and a half months the film crew was there. The house was big enough for the family and the movie cast and crew, the owners said in a Q&A provided by Coldwell Banker.

Lauren, two years younger than the film’s star, played with Culkin and his younger brother, Kieren. The family has lots of mementos of the filming and got to know some of the stars, including Catherine O’Hara and Daniel Stern, who they said were particularly nice to the neighborhood kids.

The Abendshien family was first approached by producer John Hughes’ location scout when they were living in their previous home, also a center hall Colonial, and the filmmaker was making “Uncle Buck.” But they didn’t want the disruption of filming while their home was on the market. Eighteen months later, “Home Alone” director Chris Columbus knocked on their door and said “Are you ready yet?”

To see photos and read  more visit http://realestate.msn.com/blogs/listedblogpost.aspx?post=2b575ecc-2c86-49ca-bdab-7a80cef51cc5

Source: MSN Real Estate  Video & photos courtesy of Coldwell Banker

Editor’s Note: This is our Executive Editor-In-Chief Steven Escobar favorite movie and Macaulay Culkin is a great actor. He have the entire collection from Home Alone to Home Alone 3. I would love to leave Los Angeles and buy the house to retired.

Dear readers and fans, Do you think the price is right for the home? Please leave comments. Thanks