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Samira Chatila Wins Ms. Exoti-Lady World Pageant 2011 & Maria Amor Birthday Gala Benefiting Exotifit for Humanity

Samira Chatila Wins DNM cover page June 2011It took about 3 months for Exotifit International Inc to put together a beauty pageant competition for the first time ever. The event was held on Friday, May 20, 2011 at the Universal Hilton in Universal City, CA from 6 pm to 2am. The set up crew were the first to arrive at the Ballroom C&D at Universal Hilton located next to the famous Universal Studios.
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During the event they featured 5 red carpets with about 100 media outlet representatives and close to 1000 guests. Some of the sponsors were also able to display items for the silent auction that was held during the show.
“I want to thank every single beautiful people who came and graced our event. It was a tremendous success, we are still in euphoric state! We will send out our thank you’s in the following days. I want you to know that we at Exotifit always recognize those who support and help us. We love you and more to come from Exotifit!” Said Maria Amor, Event Producer.
The Ms. Exoti-Lady World Pageant 2011 judges, some sponsors and celebrities arrived in a limo where they were interviewed and photographed on the red carpet. Something different was that on the event media wall there were most of the sponsor’s logos and some celebrities’ images. The event emcees were Anne Judson-Yager & Jesse Jam Miranda, who kept the audience entertained during the entire show.

“Thank you Maria and Exotifit, All the Pageants, the media, my friends, Edy and the supporters. I really love you all. It’s a dream come true”. Said Samira Kazemeni Ms. Exoti Lady World Pageant 2011 Winner.
The show’s rundown was as follows. First the Ms. Exoti-Lady World Pageant 2011 opened the night with a special dance performance, and then Shane Atoms, top 90 contestant from American Idol season 10 and The Exoti-Angels took the stage and performed a couple of hit songs. The contestants came back on stage to compete in the swimsuit competition. The judges were introduced and then event producer Maria Amor spoke at the event and introduced author Jeraldine Saunders as the event’s guest speaker. Then Exoti-Lady returned to compete in the fashion wear competition, followed by a special performance by Justin Chase. After Justin Chase, the contestants returned to compete in the evening gown competition. Justin Chase was back to serenade the candidates. Special awards were presented to the candidates and finally the winner of Ms. Exoti-Lady World Pageant 2011 was announced. After the pageant was over, guests were invited to stay to join the after party which celebrated the event, including Maria Amor’s 29th birthday.
“Thank you so much for all the Birthday shout-outs!!! I had the perfect birthday celebration with my Exoti-Ladies, my Angels and Goddesses, Exoti-Family, Exoti-Friends, Exoti-Sponsors, Exoti-Media Partners and Exoti-Guests! I couldn’t ask for more except I miss my family in the Philippines”. Concluded Ms. Amor.

It started with 14 candidates, but 11 finalists made it to the finals and the following ladies made to the final show: Christine Ames (Ms. Exoti-Lady USA), Maricris Bautista (Ms. Exoti-Lady Philippines), Lucie Volotzky (Ms. Exoti-Lady Canada), Marie Bogacz (Ms. Exoti-Lady El Salvador), Monica Farah (Ms. Exoti-Lady Hungary), Elena Berman (Ms. Exoti-Lady Ukraine), Samira Chatila (Ms. Exoti-Lady Iran), Nikki Storm (Ms. Exoti-Lady Washington USA), Mercy Alpert (Ms. Exoti-Lady Malasia), Laura Villescaz (Ms. Exoti-Lady Mexico) and Soraya Fallah (Ms. Exoti-Lady Kurdistan).
“Last night was an incredible experience. Congratulations to all of the beautiful women of the Ms. Exoti=Lady world, The birthday queen Maria Amor, and every single person who made the pageant possible including our wonderful family and friends who came to support”, said former candidate Ms. Kurdistan Soraya Fallah.
The 1st place prize went to Samira Chatila who won the crown and official title of Ms Exoti-Lady World Pageant 2011, the first runner up was Mercy Alpert (Ms. Exoti-Lady Malasia) and 2nd place went to Maricris Bautista (Ms. Exoti-Lady Philippines).
Special awards were handed out to Marie Bogacz (Ms. Exoti-Lady El Salvador) for Ms. Exoti-Congeniality, Samira Chatila (Ms. Exoti-Lady Iran) for People’ Choice Award and ), and Maricris Bautista (Ms. Exoti-Lady Philippines) for Exoti-Supermodel.
The gold sponsors were Ingrid’s Café, Cesar’s Photography, Marina Berberyan, Ninet Ghookassian, Tarzana Cosmetic & Wellness Center (Dr. Kamran Safvati), Shekhar Rehate, Eleite Team Services Inc and Crystal Heelz. The silver sponsors were Parris Harris, D’Nasip, The Law offices of Jeffrey Jackson, Pinhi Golf, D’Moiselle Couture, Tatyana Peter. Bronze sponsors Sumthin’sweet creations, Casablanca Pro-Sound & Lighting, G&B Fashion Accessories, Nora Demirijian, Bizarre Make-Up by Gayane Martirosyan, AMG Consulting Group Inc, Hayavi Live International DJ & Dancers and Wanda Patterson (The Image Maker).
Some of the media sponsors  were Diversity News Magazine, Model Vanity Magazine, ModelforUS, Manila-US Times, Close-Up, Biz Mag, Palos Verdes TV, Rick Girl Production and Philippine Press (PPP).

Some of the pageant judges were: Sabrina Parisi, Wanda Patterson, Larry D Eudine, Esteban Steven Escobar (our magazine editor), Jeffrey C Jackson, Pamela Asobo Anchang and Jarvee E. Hutcherson.
“The program was well organized. The sheer amount of detailed work going into this pageant and the success of its outcome is reason to celebrate. I think future event planners need to learn from the team of creative minds who worked so tirelessly to make this pageant what it was” said Cklara Moradian.
She concluded, “I was moved while being entertained. The Exoti-ladies blew everyone away. To torture a cliche, I was truly inspired. If at the age of 40, I have the strength, courage, and gorgeous body of the women of the Exoti-World pageant, I will feel like a queen. It has motivated me to work on my health and get into a better shape so that one day I can inspire other young women and encourage them to take care of themselves. Maria Amor is the embodiment of the entrepreneurial spirit and I am honored to have met her.”
The celebrities and personalities who attended the event were: Jeraldine Saunders (The Love Boat Creator, Book author),  Jack Jones (Legendary award winning Artist), Steve Railsback (Actor), Jimmy Morian (Producer), Larry D. Eudine (Actor), Dina BarEl (Fashion Designer), Fawn (Recording Artist),  Exoti-Angels & Goddesses (Performers), Ali Dean (The Unit), Tatyana Peter (Celebrity Couturier), Johnny V (Actor/Host), Sam Sarpong (Model), Chris Getz (Baseball Player), Ernie Singleton (Personality), Rebecca Whitman (Actress), Harmony Blossom (Model), Gregory Hatanaka (Producer Director, Distributor), Wonna De Jong  (Producer, Investor), Heidi Fiamengo (Fashion Designer), Chelsea Autumn (TV Personality from Bravo’s Millionaire Match), John Palisano (Film Maker/Musician), Ingrid Bedrosian (Celebrity Chef & owner of Ingrid’s Cafe Chef), Thushari Jayasekera (Outsourced), Bogdan Szumilas (Producer, actor, talent manager), Noa G (Fashion Designer), Hollywood Men (Models), Mirriam Chui (Beauty Queen), Mike Torchia (Fitness Celebrity), Anoush Sadegh (Host) and Michelle Andria (Singer), Em Roberts (Exotifit For Humanity), Eva Barry (Exotifit For Humanity) and Amber Rice (Exotifit For Humanity). Ms. Exoti-Lady World Pageant 2011 event was directed by Maria Amor and produced by Exotifit by Maria Amor.
Our own Esteban Steven Escobar was one of the pageant judges and our sister company Diversity News Magazine with our parent company were media sponsors.

About Exotifit for Humanity: Founded in 2011, Is a 501(c)(3) non organization to help promote health, fitness, wellness, beauty and arts to underprivileged women, children as well the disabled. For more information visithttp://exotifitforhumanity.org/ or exotifit.com

About Maria Amor:
Maria Amor is an AFAA (Aerobics and Fitness Association of America) Certified Aerobics Intructor, DVIDA (Dance Vision International Dance Association) Certified Ballroom Dance Instructor, a Paint Artist and Entrepreneur. Maria Amor is also the Founder and President of Exotifit for Humanity, Founder/CEO of Exotifit and President of MLT Enterprises. For more information visit http://www.exotifit.com/mariaamor.html

About Exotifit:
“It’s the sexiest workout ever”, says Maria Amor, founder of Exotifit, which blends diverse styles of musical dance with an invigorating soundtrack that gets you dancing to the rhythm. It’s far from a boring and unmotivating workout; it’s sexy. Exotifil is taught by Maria and some of her ExotiAngels, a
sister group comprised of some students and teachers who also perform at large functions and conventions such as the California Gift show and LA Fitness Expo.
Exotifit offers classes in groups or via private tutelage and also offers teacher certification for those interested in teaching Exotifit classes. Maria Amors’ Exotifit isn’t just a sexy and affordable workout for adults, but it’s a fun and energetic routine for children as well. Dances featured are African, salsa, chacha, tango, belly-dancing and many more. If you are looking for a fun, motivating workout, rush to your local fitness center for an Exotifit. For more information visit http://www.exotifit.com

Photos credit to: Travis Jourdain from 5 Minutes Photos, Nelson Shen & Stella Gomez

Source: Examiner.com

Editor’s Note: Story was proofread by Linda Krongold, our New York, NY Special Correspondent For Diversity News. For more information you can contact her at andmeljar@aol.com
Congratulations to Samira Chatila for winning the crown and title of Ms. Exoti-Lady World Pageant 2011. We want to wish her the best luck as the pageant carrier.

Ms. Exoti-Lady World Pageant 2011 Official Contestants Name Announced

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On Sunday, April 17, 2011 Maria Amor, President and CEO of Exotifit International Inc., benefiting Exotifit for Humanity announced the name of the Ms. Exoti-Lady World Pageant 2011 contestants and event hosts.

The event is around the corner, be the first one to know the contestants, hosts and sponsors.
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Candidate Names and country representing:

Christine Ames, Ms. Exoti-lady USA

Maricris Bautista, Ms. Exoti-lady Philippines

Lucie Volotzky, Ms. Exoti-lady Canada

Marie Bogacz, Ms. Exoti-lady El Salvador

Monica Farah, Ms. Exoti-lady Hungary

Elena Berman, Ms. Exoti-lady Ukraine

Samira Chatila, Ms. Exoti-lady Iran

Sohelia Mozzafar, Ms. Exoti-lady France

Nikki Storm, Ms. Exoti-lady Washington USA

Mercy Alpert, Ms. Exoti-lady Malasia

Laura Villescaz, Ms. Exoti-Lady Mexico

Soraya Fallah, Ms. Exoti-Lady Kurdistan

The above beauty contestants will be judged on the following categories: 20% on Beauty and Style, 20% on Interview, 20% on Swimsuit and 40% on Popularity.

The event will be hosted by actress Anne Judson-Yager and Vayaconmigo host Joey Valdez. Special peformance by recording artist Justin Chase and by the Exoti-Angels and Exoti-Goddesses.

The pageant event is schedule for Friday, May 20, 2011 from 6:00 pm to 2:00 am at The Universal Hilton Hotel in Universal City, CA located at 555 Universal Terrace Parkway in Universal City, CA 91608-1001. Per event organizers their goal is to celebrate a night of beauty, style, and cultural appreciation for women of least 35 years of age and of all nationalities.

Ticket are still available $80 for VIP with dinner and $30 for regular tickets with no dinner. Parking cost is $14 for valet and $9 for self-parking, both with the appropriate validation. For more information please RSVP with Maria Amor at maria@exotifit.com or (818) 983-3602. To purchase tickets online visit http://msexoti-ladypageant.eventbrite.com/

Major sponsors who make this event possible are: Dr. Kamran Safvati of Tarzana Cosmetic & Wellness Center, Crystal Heelz, D’ Moiselle Couture, G & B Fashion, Sumtin’ Sweet Creations, Official Photos by Cesar’s Photography, Elite Team Services, Inc., Ingrid’s Café, Earl’s World, Casablanca Pro-sound & Lighting, Fashion Rock Show as Official Hair & Make-up. The event guests speakers are: Marina Berberyan, Parris Harris, Wanda Patterson and more!

Media Partners are: Diversity News Magazine, Tehran International Weekly Magazine, ModelVanity.com, Model4.us, FilAmNation.com, Manila-US Times and more!
About Exotifit for Humanity: Founded in 2011, Is a 501(c) non organization to help promote health, fitness, wellness, beauty and arts to underprivileged women, children as well the disabled. For more information visit exotifit.com

Cover photo credit to: Daniela Hubbard from PRPhotos.com

Pre-Grammy Awards Party Benefiting Toys for Tots in Hollywood

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David Harrison Levi Pre-Grammy and Birthday Celebration 2011The line to the Highlands Night Club was long, from the entrance to the venue to the electric stairs. Lots of actors, actress, publicists, agents, managers, recording artists and media representatives watched history unveil at David Harrison Levi’s Pre-Grammy and Birthday Celebration to raise Cancer Awareness and benefit Toys for Tots.

“The evening was filled with Love, Fun & Excitement. David did a very Honorable thing by sharing his birthday with both Toys for Tots & Breast Cancer Awareness. Everyone there seemed really happy to come together as a Community to celebrate this ‘Joyful’ occasion.” Said Tish “Tha Dish” Roberts, Actress.

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Lots of things were happening inside the highland. Many of those who wanted to get their picture taken and be interviewed walked to the patio on 3 red carpets ready to be set up, and others went to get ready for the stage performance. There was so much happening that it was hard to catch all the movements, so we will highlight some of them. David Harrison Levi opened the night by welcoming everyone and introducing recording artists to perform, while others made a line for the red carpet.


“I am honored that somebody feels the need to publicly acknowledge my efforts in supporting this great city in any way I can. Change always bothers somebody but I can’t let that stop me in my goal in helping stop run-away film productions and businesses.” Said Tony Boldi, Honorary Mayor of Hollywood. He continue “Parking is also a huge problem for the tax paying and voting citizens as well as many other issues I have openly discussed. I know it’s a long road but have the support of many and feel the need to say something with or without a title…hope this helps shed some light on the issue.”

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Per Mr. Harrison, over 2100 people attended to celebrate his event at the Highlands, including over 80 media outlets representatives. The event was held from 7:00 PM to 2:00 AM at The Highlands Nightclub on Wednesday, January 19, 2011 located at 6801 Hollywood Blvd 4TH Floor Hollywood, CA 90028.

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Some of the celebrities and personalities who attended the event were: Actress Tish Roberts from (“Stand In”, NBC’S hit T.V. show “Community”, “Criminal Minds Suspect Behavior”, “True Blood” and “Lie To Me” with Tim Roth) with producer /DJ Trevi, Actress Thushari Jayasekera (play role as Pinky on NBC’s Outsourced TV Show), John Carvalho, Ph.D. (Advocate for the LGBT Arts, Music and Entertainment Scene; HRC Political Action Committee; CSUDH Senator), Maria Amor (EXOTIFIT), Ernesto J. Higuera (Executive , “Gay Los Angeles”), Michael Westman (Executive , “Gay Los Angeles”), German Angel (CEO, World Video Television), Tony Boldi (Honorary Mayor of Hollywood, California), Kris Searle (Grammy Nominee Considered International Recording Artist and Four Time Los Angeles Music Award Winner), Pepper MaShay (International DIVA), Willie Ames (Los Angeles Music Award Winning Recording Artist), Rob EC (Electropop Recording Artist and Member of the Recording Academy), Michael Donahue (Movie Director), Tom Tangen (Movie Producer/Actor), Trey McCurley (Actor), Eric Rowland (Recording Artist), Justin Chase (Recording Artist), Lui Attanasi (Recording Artist), Ivan Strada (Recording Artist), Charles Anthony (Co-Producer WeHo Knights Television; Recording Artist), Collen Henderson (West Hollywood Real Estate Agent), Murray Swanby (Events Host for Planet Salon), Scotty Aspen (Fox Television), Chad Evans, Ryan Pasquelatto, Jeffrey Paine (West Hollywood Real Estate Agent), Tyrone Power (celebrity-cocoon movies), Carla Power, Ray M. Quiroga (Producer/Actor), Norma A. G. Quiroga , Michael Quiroga, Steven Woo (Co-producer, Motion Picture “The Extra”), Jimmy Dux (Model), Yessica Hernandez (Singer), Marielena Castaneda (Actress), Lucino Ortiz (Assistant to Model), Ladd Jackson, Ian Shapiro, Jon Roo, Mirella Orduno (Actress), Fernando Gonzalez (Financial Investor for movies), Miriam Ayala Cesena (Actress), Rebeca Lopez (Artist), Fernando Trujillo (Artist), Travis Jourdain (Celebrity Photographer), Jeff Knight (Celebrity Photographer), Eric Ronald Kandell (Fashion Model), Patty McCall (author of Unmasking the Pain Within, Actress/Producer), Dr. Mark Valinsky (Actor/Producer/Photographer), Stephanie Weaver (Film distributor), Justin Keisel, Stuart Guest (Recording Artist), Andre Agazaryan (Actor) and many more.

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“The Grammy Awards Pre-Party at The Highlands-Kodak Theater was a success by any standard. In the words of Actor Michael Quiroga, ‘it was a great introduction to Hollywood culture!’ Indeed, security informed me on the night of the event that an incredible 2,132 people attended, which is a significant number given that most were Hollywood celebrities, political dignitaries, and entertainment industry professionals. Members of the Screen Actors Guild and Lions Club attended, as did a wealth of actors, recording artists (including members of the Grammys), movie directors and producers. The performances by DIVA Pepper MaShay and Ditch were excellent, and the “Sydney Collection” fashion show was stunning and well orchestrated by Parris Harris. I want to congratulate Tony Boldi for receiving the Honorary Mayorship of Hollywood and David Harrison Levi for putting on such an exciting, marquee red carpet event. I also want to give a special thanks to the West Hollywood LGBT community that came out in droves to attend. Finally, a special shout out is deserved for Steven Escobar and Diversity News Magazine, German Angel and World Video Television, Hollywood Broker TV, AK Photography, Celebrity Photographer Travis Jourdain, and Ernesto J. Higuera and Michael Westman, whose photographs and media coverage made the event come alive!” Said Dr. John Carvalho (Advocate for the LGBT Arts, Music and Entertainment Scene in West Hollywood, HRC PAC, CSUDH Senator).

“I believe tonight’s event at the Highlands is an excellent way that up and coming artists in the entertainment industry can meet advanced professionals and collaborate on projects that will promote and enhance their careers. The economy has hit the nation hard, and it is events like these that help to reenergize the entertainment industry and further the lives of younger artists. In addition, David Levi is promoting breast cancer awareness, which is a worthy cause we can all agree to support.” Dr. Carvalho concluded.

Event organizers reported that they were able to collect about 600 toys & canned food items for the USMC Toys For Tots & the Los Angeles Mission. 

Photos Courtesy and (C) 2011 by Celebrity Photographer Gisele Reibeiro from PartyBy5.com & PrPhotos.com and Francois Palais for Diversity News Publications. (C) 2011 By Diversity News Publications. For Licensing please email diversitynewspublications@hotmail.com All Rights Are Reserved.
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Editor’s Note: Story was proofread by Linda Krongold, our New York, NY Special Correspondent For Diversity News. For more information you can contact her at andmeljar@aol.com
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Writer’s Corner: Please take a minute to comment on this article, share it and subscribe to my page.
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Shine On 2 Hollywood Music Showcase; The Hottest Event Of The Summer, Benefits Hope 4 Children

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Shine On 2 Hollywood Music Showcase "Artits Meet The Industry"The hot heat did not stop people from coming to the hottest event of the summer, “Shine On 2.”

Shine On 2 Hollywood: A Music Showcase;”Artists Meet The Industry” Benefiting Hope 4 Children was held on July 15, 2010 from 7:00 pm to 10:00 pm at the Celebrity Center in Hollywood, CA.

“Arnold G is extremely passionate about his business and, seems quite sincere in helping seasoned talent reach new heights in their careers! The powerful cast of music and film industry professionals assembled for SHINE ON 2 will certainly help set the stage for some powerful breakthrough moments!” said Pixie Monroe, Casting Director Film and Television.

The guests started to arrive 2 hours before the show and lined up to check in and get escorted to the seating area. Media/press and photographers arrived at the same time, they signed in, got their media badges, and were escorted to their assigned areas to start taking photos of the VIP’s, artists, panelists and event production team.

“I have tremendous respect for Shine On Host, Gary Spears: As a host, performer, radio personality and long-time friend. Gary’s been a dedicated friend and has served as the co-host on one of my passion projects, a radio podcast entitled; “Casting Hope” for the past several years. He’s also been cast in numerous film and television projects since leaving mainstream radio and definitely always displays a high level of energy, humor and professionalism in his works”. Ms. Monroe concluded.
Arnold G’s dancers opened the show, then host Gary Spears welcomed everyone to the event before he introduced the panelists. He showed Arnold G’s Shine On 2 message video, then he introduced the industry panelists Alex Cortez (AYRE Entertainment, Warner Brothers), Kevin McDowell (AEG & AEG Live), Allan Rich (Academy awardee, Grammy/Golden Globe nominee, music writer), Tony Sweet (radio personality at On Air With Tony Sweet, LA Talk Radio), Michael Kelly (record producer, Universal Music), Javelyn Jav (music producer, X-It Rite Records), Robby Martinez (musician, conductor, composer and performer), Asha Puthli (legendary Jazz & Soul singer & former recording artist for record labels EMI, CBS, Sony and RCA) and Arnold G (Recording artist, founder of Shine On, Bring It On, A&G Records & A&G Entertainment Productions). “I loved the event. It was two times better than Shine On 1 and if you always have an event like that one, it will be one of the best showcases ever. I was never bored. All the acts were great.” said Buddy Sampson, Publisher, The Scoop LA Newspaper.  He continue “Gary Spears was excellent! He added a professional dimension to the show, like Dick Clark. Bring him back. Shine On 2 It was awesome.” The first artists introduced by host Gary Spears to Shine On in front of the panelists were Kasey Iaeger who sang (Givin’ Up On You and Can’t Give Into This), and then Zedakiah Koterba who sang (Eye Of The Tiger and You’ve Get A Friend). Brooke Williams sang (I’m Back and Turns My Mind), American boy Justin Chase performed and sang (Fireplace, Finally and Don’t Give Up), and Sail by the Stars who came from Florida sang (I Wish I May, Icebergs Are For Penguins and If My Room Were a Rocketship). “I had an amazing time hosting Shine On 2. It was my first time hosting since leaving radio 3 years ago, so I had to wear diapers! LOL=laugh out loud. Seriously, this is a wonderful grass roots event that has legs so look for more in the future!” said Radio Personality, host & actor.  He added “If given the opportunity, I would host a garage sale but yes to Shine On 3! And Bring It On!” An intermission of 10 minutes was held and then Shine On 2 host Gary Spears welcomed everyone back and introduced the only Asian American to perform, Michael Walker, who sang (Cooler Than Me and We Can Do It). American Dreamz The Movie actress and singer Jael Gadsden took the stage and she sang (Drink the Water and All I need). Jarid Williams performed and sang the song requested by his fans(Can We Talk, Birthday song for the mother of one of his fans, and For All We Know); Latonius Earl returned by popular demand and he sang (Mya Song and So High); George Hodos sang (This is Love and Just A Man), and the last artist who blew the stage with her choreography and dancers was KingQueen who sang (U Make Me (LOL) and Man’s World. After each artist performed, host Gary Spears asked them some questions about their music. macys.com 07/25/2010 “I Loved the stage, loved the lightning. Everything went smooth and fast. Everyone that I met that worked on “the set” was very professional and knew what every ones name was, which means they took their time to know who is playing their venue. Also liked the fact that there was constant communication going on almost every day before the actual gig which took away a lot of stress.” said KingQueen, artist. She added “I liked every venue I have performed at. People have always been very humble to me so I don’t have a favorite place because I love every venue I play since it’s my life, it’s what I love. But my two favorites were Avalon and the one at the Celebrity Centre with Shine On 2, mostly because of the size of the stage and the sound system!” She continue “Absolutely, I saw artists I would have never seen before if it wasn’t for Shine On 2, which made me realize I have to step up even more because there is some great talent out there. And in the end of the day, watching other artists as a artist is to enjoy, watch, learn and go to improve yourself.” “The losers get fed to the crocodiles! I like to think of a host as one who is more background that forefront….remember it’s all about the talent! I’d like to see the one who gets the best score be given his/her/their concert at a local venue with industry types invited. These kids work their butts off and deserve to be heard!” concluded Mr. Spears. Per A&G Entertainment Productions, the event was sold out and there were more than 400 guests that came to support their favorite artist. Gary Spears introduced The Dance Diva that closed the show and this was Cynthia Manley. With her electric energy she performed her new single “Give” and she brought on stage all the artists including event executive producer Arnold G and non profit organization Hope 4 Children beneficiary Grace Walker. Host Gary Spears again thanked the panelists and mentioned that the Shine On 2 score sheet will be available in one week. He went ahead and thanked event supporters, Gabriel Escamilla (fashion designer) & Parris Harris (stage manager and fashion coordinator). He also thanked the venue Celebrity Center and Hope 4 Children founder Grace Walker. “It’s worthy showcase because you as a artist want to (should want to) perform everywhere from a small bar to a huge charity event.. If this is what you love then of course it’s worth there. A showcase reaches out to people that normally wouldn’t go to a club to see you perform because it’s too late, or not their thing. It’s a great way to expand your fan base.” Concluded KingQueen. Some of the talent and VIPs that attended the event were Vairon Perez, Janet Luna, Coreen Troche, Beatriz Vasquez, Ryan Ray, Alex Varden, David Harrison Levi, Dr. John Carvalho, Emily Morrow, Salvador Corona, Patrice Ryan, Monet Lu, Tom Emberson, Maria Amor, Nikki Gill, Pixie Monroe, Robin Sargent, Sonny Madera, Irene Soderberg, Dan Norris, Marco Tricca, Yari Paris, Tina Nguyen, Joseph Quinto and Stella Gomez. “I love performing I’m very comfortable doing it! I had an absolute great time performing amongst so many talented artists.” said Latonius J. Earl, Artists.  He continue “The quality of performers definitely changed for the better. Everyone was on top of their game. As far as doing anything different, Nothing, except changed my outfit. I just ask God for direction and I go with the flow.” Napster, LLC About Shine On: This is a unique grassroots music showcase, that is not your typical venue. It is specifically designed for the unsigned indie artist, band and musician with two stages where the best local unsigned indie artists are able to showcase their talents in the Hip Hop, R&B, Urban, Rock and Dance categories, in front of conference attendees and a panel of music industry experts to gain maximum exposure at a minimal cost. For more information visit http://www.agentertainmentproductions.com Wal-Mart.com USA, LLC “I actually believe this event changed my life. I went in with the mindset that things will be different after this and surely when it was all over I noticed that Latonius as a person/ entertainer was different. I’ll never be the same. Shine On is definitely Worthy!” Mr. Earl concluded. The media and photographers that covered the event were Wake Up TV, Diversity News TV, The Scoop LA Newspaper, Diversity News Magazine, Examiner.com, Stickam TV, Celebrity Service, Asian Journal, Gimmick City, Glendale News Press (Los Angeles Times), Philippines Times, The Photographer 007, Daniela Hubbard Photography, Jeff Knight Photography, Hope 4 Children and Artisfactions. Story was proofread by Linda Krongold, our New York, NY Special Correspondent For Diversity News. For more information you can contact her at andmeljar@aol.com

Photos courtesy of Bernard Hindson, The Photographer 007, Daniela Hubbard from http://www.Danielahubbard.com,  Jeff Knight of JeffKnightphotography.com & Tracy Saunders of
www.Artisfactions.com for Diversity News Publications.  For photos lincension please email: diversitynews@diversitynewspublications.com  (C) 2010 Diversity News Publications. All Rights Are Reserved.

VMB LLC d/b/a Music Factory Direct

Shine On 2! Hollywood: A Music Showcase;”Artists Meet The Industry” Benefiting Hope 4 Children

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Shine On 2, July 15, 2010On Tuesday, July 6, 2010 A&G Entertainment Productions announced the by popular demand Shine On 2 will be back on July 15, 2010 from 7:00 pm to 10:00 pm at Celebrity Centre Garden Pavilion, 5930 Franklin Avenue, Los Hollywood, CA 90028. The event will be hosted by Hollywood’s former on-air personality and actor Gary Spears, of KIIS, KBIG & B-96 FM stations.

The artists schedule to perform in front of live audience and the industry panelists are Kasey Iaeger, Zedakiah Koterba, Michael Walker, Jael Gadsden (returning by popular demand), Jarid Williams (his fans requested him back), Justin Chase, Brooke Williams, Sail by the Stars, Latonius J. Earl (returning by popular demand), George Hodos and KINGQUEEN.
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The Industry panelists for the evening include Alex Cortez (AYRE Entertainment, Warner Brothers), Kevin McDowell (AEG & AEG Live), Allan Rich (Academy awardee, Grammy/Golden Globe nominee, music writer), Tony Sweet (radio personality at On Air With Tony Sweet, LA Talk Radio), Michael Kelly (record producer, Universal Music), JAVELYN (music producer, X-It Rite Records), Robby Martinez (musician, conductor, composer and performer), Asha Puthli (legendary Jazz & Soul singer & former recording artist for record labels EMI, CBS, Sony and RCA) and Arnold G (Recording artist, founder of Shine On, Bring It On, A&G Records & A&G Entertainment Productions).
“It’s a perfect fit between the two organizations because of the common mission the two hold. Hope4Children is about educating, mentoring and helping others reach their potential through self-empowerment; Shine On links artists and industry professionals to help showcase the talents of budding artists and encourage mentorship. this showcase opportunity levels the playing field for people who starting in the business.” said Grace Walker, Hope For Children Founder
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The event will showcase special performances by Arnold G with Emily Morrow (choreographer, dancer and assistant to Allan McCormick (TV, Film and Stage Choreographer) from Le Reve Wynn Las Vegas). Also special guest performer Cynthia Manley.

This event offers advance VIP and General Pre-Sale Seats. Individual Pre-Sale Seats for $10.00, $15.00 per person, and VIP Pre-Sale Seats for $25.00. For tickets and information visit http://www.agentertainmentproductions.com/showcase.html At the door General Seats cost $20.00.
The show will be Broadcast Live via World Wide Web at http://diversitynewspublications.com/blog/shine-on/

Any media oulet interested in covering this event they must R.S.V.P to: diversitynewsppr@gmail.com or (213) 321-9408 (e-mail preferred). The Deadline to apply for media/press credentials is Tuesday, July 13, 2010 by 8:00 pm. Also Any talent/celebrities the would like to walk the red carpet must buy a ticket and email your head shot photo to: shineonshowcase@yahoo.com please include your headshot with your IMDB link.
Napster, LLC
About Shine On:
This is a unique grassroots music showcase, that is not your typical venue, specifically designed for the unsigned indie artist, band and musician with two stages where the best local unsigned indie artists, will be able to showcase their talents in the: Hip Hop, R&B, Urban, Rock and Dance categories, in front of conference attendees and a panel of music industry experts to gain maximum exposure at a minimal cost. The event will be “Live” e-video streamed across the country, with many music industry executives in the audience, to review the solo and band performances and possibly offer additional career opportunities. All singers have the option to enter the singing contest ‘Bring It On’ Los Angeles this coming September 2010.

About A&G Entertainment Productions:
A&G Entertainment Productions (AGEP) is a production house that brings entertainment professionals on the West coast into a new era of innovation. Not only does AGEP create live showcases like “Shine-On,” along with its’ corresponding singing contest, “Bring-It-On” we also specialized in creating live, Broadway and Las Vegas styled shows, that will be moving all across America.

About Hope 4 Children:
Is a nonprofit organization that aims to empower disadvantaged youth and communities by providing them with learning opportunities that will improve their quality of life. Based in Glendale, California, they exist to help underprivileged children and communities within the Los Angeles area as well as in third world countries get started on the path to a better future. Their mission, which is to “Help Others Prosper through Education,” takes form in a spectrum of ways, from arts education in the inner city schools program to their in-service workshops for educators. They collect supplies (clothes, medicine, toys, etc.) and educational materials, provide scholarships to well-deserving students, link Los Angeles to beneficiary schools in third world countries, conduct public discussion groups, lectures and workshops on the value of education, arts and after-school programs for the global and local community.

Note: Article first published on Examiner.com at


Latonius Earl and Justin Chase perform at Club Inspire U grand opening

April 18, 2010 by  
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latoniousjustinOn April 17, 2010 Club Inspire U opened at Cobra Nightclub in North Hollywood, CA. The event was held from 6pm to 9pm. The show was introduced and opened by Kris Searle (creator of Club Inspire U and Inspire U Records), who also performed.
“I just wanted to take a moment to say thanks to you for a wonderful evening, I left uplifted and truly “Inspired”, each artist/speaker poured their heart into every word and you could feel it.” said Joyce Licorish, singer and actress. She concluded “What an amazing thing you have started. I look forward to working with you in the near future.”


Also Jesschelle, Justin Chase, Stuart Guest, Latonius Earl, Terence Jay performed. Christina Aldana, a former top 5 contestant from Local Celebrity Los Angeles 2010, was scheduled to perform but was unable to do so due to a contract commitment. As per event organizers, she will be performing at the next event.

Sarah Culberson and La Tasha Roberts (Inspirational Speakers) shared “A Princess Found”, and “Delotshewit – Life Sentence”, their stories behind their talent, life experiences and how they were inspired to continue pursuing their dreams.
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Some of the celebrities and personalities who attended the event were Fawn, Joyce Licorish, Eric Rowe, John Carvalho, Tom Tangen and Andre Agazaryan.

The event was hosted by U Records and produced by Kris Seale, Rich Williams and Robert Burgener.

The event organizers announced that 20% of the proceeds from this event and any other Inspire U event go to The American Cancer Society. As per event organizers, a couple of hundred people attended the event and raised $75.20 that will be donated to the American Cancer Society. Save $465 Pkg (300x250)


About Club Inspire U: Created to inspire independent minds in a safe environment where no one judges you and nothing is turned away. Come here to be touched, moved, supported, and enlightened. For more information you can visit http://www.clubinspireu.com and http://www.inspireurecords.com

Editor’s Note: Story was proof read by Linda Krongold, our New York, NY Special Correspondent For Diversity News. For more information you can contact her at andmeljar@aol.com

Shane Facchinello is the winner of Local Celebrity LA 2010

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localcelebritylagroupLike many things that start, they also have an end. Local Celebrity LA 2010, a singing reality competition started on 1-17-2010 and ran for eights weeks ending on March 21, 2010. People arrived earlier to be on the red carpet which was close to 50 feet long.

The grand finale was held on Sunday, March 21st at the Celebrity Centre Pavilion Theater in the heart of Hollywood, which is located at 5930 Franklin Ave., Hollywood, CA 90028.

First the red carpet ran from 7pm to 8pm. Then the show started at 8pm, and it ended at 9:45pm. Later, people were invited again to take photos on the red carpet. About 200 people attended the grand finale of 2010 Local Celebrity LA, including media outlets and production staff.

” When cultural diversity meets talent, you end up having a well done competition, where skills, hard work, and creativity will have the final word.  Fascinated by the level of professionalism and dedication displayed by both organizers and contestants.” said Aura Imbarus, Ph.D., author of “Out of the Transylvania Night.”

Show Video Part I

The top five finalist contestants were Rosy Donovan, Shane Facchinello, Leah Turner, Leandro Fossi and Christina Aldana. The show opened with a group performance by Rosy Donovan, Leah Turner, Leandro Fossi and Christina Aldana singing “I Got a Feeling,” by Black Eyed Peas.
Show Video Part II

They showed video clips of each contestant interviewed before singing solo on the stage. The first contestant to take the stage was Rosy Donovan who performed “Nobody’s supposed to be here.” Then Shane Facchinello was second and he sang “Flying with out wings,” Leah Turner sang “Fighter,” Leandro Fossi sang “I wish it would rain” and finally Christina Aldana sang “And I am telling you.” In the middle of the show, the contestants performed duets with mentor headline singers. First Rosy Donovan with Jael Gadsden performed “Take me or leave me,” Shane Facchinello with Paul Bradley “did Love who you’re with,” Leah Turner with Justin Chase sang “You Learn,” Leandro Fossi with Rob E C performed “Never leave you again,” and Christina Aldana with Latonius Earl sang “Fire and Desire.”

After each performance, the judges and celebrity guest judge gave feedback to the contestants. 2009 Local Celebrity LA winner Denicar Bergancia did a special performance before announcing the winner of 2010 Local Celebrity LA. Denicar sang “Right as Rain.”
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All singers were brought to the stage, Ryan Ray, the emcee, explained the grand prize in detail. He also thanked the sponsors and production team staff. The judges gave their final comments and best wishes to the contestants. Ryan Ray announced the winner. Ryan gave the certificate to Denicar Bergancia and Denicar Bergancia, who presented it to the 2010 Local Celebrity LA winner.

“Local Celebrity, LA was a fun all inclusive event that accomplished exactly what I wanted to do. Los Angeles has so much talent, and providing an additional opportunity to showcase that was not only an amazing feeling, but it also allowed singers and artists who may have been overlooked in the past the chance to network, meet industry professionals and continue living their dream. All while sharing they amazing voices/talent with folks here in la and through out the country, via our live on line broadcasting”. said Eric Rowe, California Talent President.
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The Official Local Celebrity LA 2010 winner is Shane Facchinello, who was given the opportunity to make a speech. The winner sang and played the piano. His final song was “Halo” by Beyonce.
Masterbeat.com Vitamin 468x60
The event judges were Arnold G; International dance/pop recording artist, songwriter, dancer and performer, Fawn; Recording artist/songwriter/Hit recording artist and performer and Kris Searle; Singer/songwriter and international recording artist/performer. Special guest judge David Harrison Levi – STARMAKER.
Napster, LLC
He continue “While the competition was amazing from a production stand point, getting additional sponsors on board would be great. Working with our current sponsors have been amazing and I am so thankful that they all came together and helped support the production. For next season, I would love to retrain many of the past sponsors and bring on several more.. having a venue with a great sound system and educated camera crew proved to be a tremendous asset and having our finale at the Celebrity Center, in Hollywood not only showcased the talents amazing singing ability but it created one of the most fun environments for the talent the audience and our on line viewers.”
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The celebrities who attended were Allan Rich (Celebrities songwriter), Latonius Earl, Paul Bradley, Jael Gadsden, Rob E C and Justin Chase (Local Celebrity LA Headline guest artists), Aura Imbarus (Book Author), Dr. John Carvalho (CAL STATE Dominguez Hills Senator), Kristin McCoy (Actress and model), John Prudhont (Actor/producer), Maria Prudhont (Music producer/manager), Suniil Sadarangani (Actor), Asha Puthli (Artist/Singer), Javelyn Jav (R&B Singer), Ben Roman ( Artist/Singer), CC Perkinson (Actress & Entertainment Reporter), Thushari J (Actress/Host), Denicar Bergancia (2009 Local Celebrity LA, winner), Tom Tangen (Movie Producer), Anca Sola, Gabe Escamilla (Graphic/fashion designer), Rachel Escalera and Nate Gaines (Former Local Celebrity LA contestants) and Anthony Searle.
MetroPCS Wireless, Inc.
“When a group of passionate people come together in support of a common goal, the result can be magic. In this case, that magic has a name — Local Celebrity, Los Angeles. Week after week, not only did our contestants give it their all, but so did every single member of our production team. What an honor and a privilege it was to be part of this first season!” said Ryan Ray, Host, Local Celebrity, Los Angeles

Mr. Ray concluded “Hosting the show was always a true pleasure. Though it was always sad to see the contestants go home each week, in the end, there could be only one winner.”
The invited celebrities were Pepper Mashay ( International Dance Diva/Singer), Fred Wolf (Local Celebrity LA guest judge, 19 Entertainment of American Idol), Christine Devine (News Anchor FOX Channel 11), ALEXEN (Singer), Brandy Sanders (Founder of The Kierrah Foundation), Alex Varden (Music Maestro), Sean Michaels (Singer), Radhika Chaudhari (Actress), Michael Herrera (Fashion Designer), Evgeny Afineevsky (Movie Producer), Eugenia Wright (Publicist), Richard Merrill (Beauty advisor), Michelle & Ryan Powell (Eternite Media), Noah Rappaport (Promoter/publicist), Andy Wombwell (Stickam.com), Deanna Steward (LASC Stylist – shoplasc.com), Lars Slind (Model), Ghalib Dhalla (Indulge Magazine Publisher), Shayha (from Live-A-Legacy Hollywood), Joe Bannon (Actor/martial arts grand master), Ameona Almund (Actress, model and comedian know as Miss 2006 Beverly Hills), Joel W Gonzales (Actor/rapper), Derek Pratt (Model), and Vj Michael Benz (Performer/artist & songwriter)
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The winner of 2010 season one Local Celebrity Los Angeles will receive $800, do an on line interview with TonySweetOnAir.Com & KLBC Radio, will get to perform live in Long Beach City College and at the red carpet televised worldwide Hand in Hand Benefit Concert in Hollywood, and work with one of the judges to record a song for demo use. Also, the winner will be represented by California Talent and booked for a couple of events. Judge Kris Searle will offer free to the winner of Local Celebrity Los Angeles a “special guest” spot at his new night show on Sunday April 17th in North Hollywood. Also, the winner will receive 4 hours of recording studio time with Terrace Studios, and a 60 minute facial by Richard Merrill. Eternite Media will provide 100 Duplicated CD’s with Full Color Thermal Disc Print, 100 Full Color 2 Panel (2 Sided) Printed Inserts, and 100 Slim Jewel Cases.
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“My message to inspiring talent is to believe and to surround yourself with folks who believe in you; positive energy and a positive attitude will take you to places that you could never imagine.. hard work, dedication and the willingness to get through the tough times also makes you a better more well rounded person. Next season will be bigger, better and will showcase even more amazing talent.. becoming a fan on Facebook of LocalCelebritytTV, texting celebrity to 41411 and also frequently visiting www.localcelebritytv.com will all provide info on upcoming auditions, information and how to become a potential contestant for next seasons singing competition and even some competitions that will be going on later in the year. Any sponsors that may be interested in being apart of next seasons production can always email me at eric@caltalent.net. We are currently looking for Los Angeles’ best singers and songwriters; this competition will be focusing on findings LA’s best singer songwriter. Auditions will most likely begin in June, so stay tuned…there is still much for fun to be had.” Mr. Rowe concluded.
macys.com-Flashing Macy's Banner
The event was cover by the following approved photographers and media outlets OnairWithTonySweet.com, Rodrigo Vaz Photos, Diversity News, Examiner.com, Diversity News TV, Jeff Knight Photography & CC Variety TV. Once again, the show was broadcast live at http://www.localcelebritytv.com/
Wal-Mart.com USA, LLC
“Local Celebrity LA was a Grand Finale!  There was a multitude of sparkles, smiles, and heart throbbing performances to keep my interest through most  of the event.  The red carpet was funtabulous, due to the terrific photographers and Esteban’s calm nature.” said Creceda J. LeMaire, Creative Counselor & Consultant at Fine Art Sales.
The event was produced live by California Talent, hosted by Ryan Ray of Wake Up TV and sponsored by Diversity News Publications, Photos were by Jeff Knight Photography and Rodrigo Vaz, and clothing for the host was provided by LASC. Local Celebrity Los Angeles 2010, executive event producer; Eric Rowe and California Talent president. Arnold G, event creator/founder from A&G Records/Entertainment.
Martha Stewart for 1-800-Flowers.com
Editor’s Note: Story was proof read by Linda Krongold, our New York, NY Special Correspondent For Diversity News. For more information you can contact her at andmeljar@aol.com
Photos courtesy of Rodrigo Vaz. You can contact Rodrigo at rodrigo.m.c.m.vaz@gmail.com for photos shoots. © 2010 By Diversity News Publications. All Rights Are Reserved.

Justin Chase Performed Live at Local Celebrity Los Angeles Week 7 Finals

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justinchaseThe contestants, judges, fans, media and celebrities arrived early to witness and be part of history by attending the Finals and Week 7 of the Local Celebrity Los Angeles.

Around 300 people attended the event held at Eleven Restaurant & Nightclub, located at 8811 Santa Monica Blvd in the city of West Hollywood, CA 90069. The show started at 10pm and lasted until 11:45 pm. It was broadcast live at http://www.localcelebritytv.com/

“I loved it-yes great show, lots of high energy and great contestants. Nice atmosphere as well, if you have not been supporting Local Celebrity L.A. You definitely have to best on the Planet.” said Joel W Gonzales, Actor/Rapper.

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Some of the celebrities and talent present were Ameona Almund (actress, model and comedian also Ms. Beverly Hills 2006 winner), Derek Pratt (model), Joel W. Gonzales (actor/rapper), Robert Boleyn (producer), Tony Sweet (On Air With Tony Sweet, online radio host), Denicar Bergancia (2009 Local Celebrity LA winner), David Harrison Levi – Star Marker (music producer), Latonius Earl (singer/performer and songwriter), Jael Gadsden (American Dreamz movie singer & songwriter), Paul Bradley (recording artist), Justin Chase (Local Celebrity LA Headline Guest Artist & performer), Reinhard Schulte (film producer), Kenneth A. Boyer, (Lifestyle Designer), Aura Imbarus (book author), Thushari J (actress/host), Asha Puthli (singer/artist), Ryan & Michelle Powell (Eternite Media), Eric Rowe (Local Celebrity LA producer and CA Talent president), Ben Roman (recording artist), Lars Slind (actor/model), Monica Wild (publicist), Adrian Reyes, Brian Miller, GG Smith, & Nate Gaines (former Local Celebrity LA contestants) and community leader Dr. John Carvalho (Cal State University Senator Member, Political Action Committee West Hollywood, Human Rights Campaign).

“The most important for me is to help these talents shine and be example to all other talents to come forward and challenge their ability in the entertainment industry, especially here in Hollywood.” said Arnold G, Creator/Judge of Local Celebrity – Los Angeles/Hollywood. He added “I have people saying ‘wow, your contestants are better singers than those people on American Idol.’ There are many reasons why some of our contestants are with us and our job is to mentor them to the highest statues in the music industry.” GoDaddy.com Hosting & Servers

The contestant eliminated at the end of the competition from fans texting votes, judges scores and voting ballots from the prior event (week 6) was Rachel Escalera.
The event judges were Arnold G; International dance/pop recording artist, songwriter, dancer and performer, Fawn; Recording artist/songwriter/Hit recording artist and performer and Kris Searle; Singer/songwriter and international recording artist/performer. Special guest judge Fred Wolf was back by popular demand from 19 Entertainment (American Idol).

The following media/press outlets covered the event Onairwithtonysweet.com, Jelly Noose News, Celebrity Magazine, Diversity News, Examiner.com and Diversity News TV.

“We all have dreams. I’ve learned through the process and now, it’s time give back. I look forward to your support this special event. I want them to feel it’s worth the effort. They stuck around till today. Please join us celebrate the finale and be part of an amazing result.” Mr. Arnold G concluded.

At the end of the show, the top 5 contestants finalist were interview by producers of the event. Also celebrities and talent took the opportunity to take more photos on the red carpet.

The event was produced live by California Talent, hosted by Ryan Ray of Wake Up TV and sponsored by Diversity News Publications, Photos by Rodrigo Vaz and clothing for the host was provided by LASC.

Per event producers, Local Celebrity Los Angeles grand finale will be held at the classy and prestigious Celebrity Centre in Hollywood, CA on March 21, 2010 from 7pm to 10pm.

Editor’s Note: Story was proof read by Songirl Sez special story for Diversity News For more information you can contact her at songirlsez_kcla@yahoo.com.

Photos courtesy of Rodrigo Vaz. You can contact Rodrigo at rodrigo.m.c.m.vaz@gmail.com for photos shoots. © 2010 By Diversity News Publications. All Rights Are Reserved.

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