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Pre-Grammy Awards Party Benefiting Toys for Tots in Hollywood

January 22, 2011 by  
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David Harrison Levi Pre-Grammy and Birthday Celebration 2011The line to the Highlands Night Club was long, from the entrance to the venue to the electric stairs. Lots of actors, actress, publicists, agents, managers, recording artists and media representatives watched history unveil at David Harrison Levi’s Pre-Grammy and Birthday Celebration to raise Cancer Awareness and benefit Toys for Tots.

“The evening was filled with Love, Fun & Excitement. David did a very Honorable thing by sharing his birthday with both Toys for Tots & Breast Cancer Awareness. Everyone there seemed really happy to come together as a Community to celebrate this ‘Joyful’ occasion.” Said Tish “Tha Dish” Roberts, Actress.

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Lots of things were happening inside the highland. Many of those who wanted to get their picture taken and be interviewed walked to the patio on 3 red carpets ready to be set up, and others went to get ready for the stage performance. There was so much happening that it was hard to catch all the movements, so we will highlight some of them. David Harrison Levi opened the night by welcoming everyone and introducing recording artists to perform, while others made a line for the red carpet.


“I am honored that somebody feels the need to publicly acknowledge my efforts in supporting this great city in any way I can. Change always bothers somebody but I can’t let that stop me in my goal in helping stop run-away film productions and businesses.” Said Tony Boldi, Honorary Mayor of Hollywood. He continue “Parking is also a huge problem for the tax paying and voting citizens as well as many other issues I have openly discussed. I know it’s a long road but have the support of many and feel the need to say something with or without a title…hope this helps shed some light on the issue.”

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Per Mr. Harrison, over 2100 people attended to celebrate his event at the Highlands, including over 80 media outlets representatives. The event was held from 7:00 PM to 2:00 AM at The Highlands Nightclub on Wednesday, January 19, 2011 located at 6801 Hollywood Blvd 4TH Floor Hollywood, CA 90028.

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Some of the celebrities and personalities who attended the event were: Actress Tish Roberts from (“Stand In”, NBC’S hit T.V. show “Community”, “Criminal Minds Suspect Behavior”, “True Blood” and “Lie To Me” with Tim Roth) with producer /DJ Trevi, Actress Thushari Jayasekera (play role as Pinky on NBC’s Outsourced TV Show), John Carvalho, Ph.D. (Advocate for the LGBT Arts, Music and Entertainment Scene; HRC Political Action Committee; CSUDH Senator), Maria Amor (EXOTIFIT), Ernesto J. Higuera (Executive , “Gay Los Angeles”), Michael Westman (Executive , “Gay Los Angeles”), German Angel (CEO, World Video Television), Tony Boldi (Honorary Mayor of Hollywood, California), Kris Searle (Grammy Nominee Considered International Recording Artist and Four Time Los Angeles Music Award Winner), Pepper MaShay (International DIVA), Willie Ames (Los Angeles Music Award Winning Recording Artist), Rob EC (Electropop Recording Artist and Member of the Recording Academy), Michael Donahue (Movie Director), Tom Tangen (Movie Producer/Actor), Trey McCurley (Actor), Eric Rowland (Recording Artist), Justin Chase (Recording Artist), Lui Attanasi (Recording Artist), Ivan Strada (Recording Artist), Charles Anthony (Co-Producer WeHo Knights Television; Recording Artist), Collen Henderson (West Hollywood Real Estate Agent), Murray Swanby (Events Host for Planet Salon), Scotty Aspen (Fox Television), Chad Evans, Ryan Pasquelatto, Jeffrey Paine (West Hollywood Real Estate Agent), Tyrone Power (celebrity-cocoon movies), Carla Power, Ray M. Quiroga (Producer/Actor), Norma A. G. Quiroga , Michael Quiroga, Steven Woo (Co-producer, Motion Picture “The Extra”), Jimmy Dux (Model), Yessica Hernandez (Singer), Marielena Castaneda (Actress), Lucino Ortiz (Assistant to Model), Ladd Jackson, Ian Shapiro, Jon Roo, Mirella Orduno (Actress), Fernando Gonzalez (Financial Investor for movies), Miriam Ayala Cesena (Actress), Rebeca Lopez (Artist), Fernando Trujillo (Artist), Travis Jourdain (Celebrity Photographer), Jeff Knight (Celebrity Photographer), Eric Ronald Kandell (Fashion Model), Patty McCall (author of Unmasking the Pain Within, Actress/Producer), Dr. Mark Valinsky (Actor/Producer/Photographer), Stephanie Weaver (Film distributor), Justin Keisel, Stuart Guest (Recording Artist), Andre Agazaryan (Actor) and many more.

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“The Grammy Awards Pre-Party at The Highlands-Kodak Theater was a success by any standard. In the words of Actor Michael Quiroga, ‘it was a great introduction to Hollywood culture!’ Indeed, security informed me on the night of the event that an incredible 2,132 people attended, which is a significant number given that most were Hollywood celebrities, political dignitaries, and entertainment industry professionals. Members of the Screen Actors Guild and Lions Club attended, as did a wealth of actors, recording artists (including members of the Grammys), movie directors and producers. The performances by DIVA Pepper MaShay and Ditch were excellent, and the “Sydney Collection” fashion show was stunning and well orchestrated by Parris Harris. I want to congratulate Tony Boldi for receiving the Honorary Mayorship of Hollywood and David Harrison Levi for putting on such an exciting, marquee red carpet event. I also want to give a special thanks to the West Hollywood LGBT community that came out in droves to attend. Finally, a special shout out is deserved for Steven Escobar and Diversity News Magazine, German Angel and World Video Television, Hollywood Broker TV, AK Photography, Celebrity Photographer Travis Jourdain, and Ernesto J. Higuera and Michael Westman, whose photographs and media coverage made the event come alive!” Said Dr. John Carvalho (Advocate for the LGBT Arts, Music and Entertainment Scene in West Hollywood, HRC PAC, CSUDH Senator).

“I believe tonight’s event at the Highlands is an excellent way that up and coming artists in the entertainment industry can meet advanced professionals and collaborate on projects that will promote and enhance their careers. The economy has hit the nation hard, and it is events like these that help to reenergize the entertainment industry and further the lives of younger artists. In addition, David Levi is promoting breast cancer awareness, which is a worthy cause we can all agree to support.” Dr. Carvalho concluded.

Event organizers reported that they were able to collect about 600 toys & canned food items for the USMC Toys For Tots & the Los Angeles Mission. 

Photos Courtesy and (C) 2011 by Celebrity Photographer Gisele Reibeiro from PartyBy5.com & PrPhotos.com and Francois Palais for Diversity News Publications. (C) 2011 By Diversity News Publications. For Licensing please email diversitynewspublications@hotmail.com All Rights Are Reserved.
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Editor’s Note: Story was proofread by Linda Krongold, our New York, NY Special Correspondent For Diversity News. For more information you can contact her at andmeljar@aol.com
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Actress Carla Laemmle arrives at Pool Time The Movie Premiere Screening

February 25, 2010 by  
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pooltimethemovieOn Monday, February 22, 2010 POOLTIME the Movie – World Premiere Screening was held from 8pm to 9: 45pm at the Silver Screen Theater in the Pacific Design Center.

More then 300 people attended the private screening including actress Carla Laemmle, niece of Universal Pictures founder Carl Laemmle, who celebrated her centinenial birthday bash with a lifetime achievement award last October 2009.
Frederick's of Hollywood, Inc.
“The message of this film is Universal. That the only thing that really matters in life is Love. Love of your family, friends and life. It doesn’t matter if your Gay or straight. We are all looking for acceptance and Love. We all want to be happy and have a wonderful life. Tolerance and acceptance are so important as we learn from yesterday, Live for today, and hope for tomorrow.” said Tom Tangen, Movie Producer.

Some of the movie cast present were: Inge Jaklin as Anna, Marcus Harwell as David, Tom Tangen as Tad, Jeffrey Patrick Olson as Virgil, Mark C. Hanson as Roger, Junes B. Zahdi as Paulo, Matthew Sordello as Pizza Boy, Elizabeth da Costa as Deanna, William Freeman as Mr. Hunter, GloZell Green as George, Taylor Burke as Mr. PizzaCola,and Scott Senofonte as Pizza Server, and Kieran Newton as Dexter. Special appearance by Carla Laemmle as Zelda. Music was by Ken Fix, the editor was Tonya Noll, the director of photography was Scott Ressler, and the executive producer was Tom Tangen. Pooltime original songs were by Hollywood’s own: Amadeus, Arnold G, Moira Cue, Ivan Estrada, Kris Searle, and there was an original score by Ken Fix.

“This film is part of a trilogy of films and I’m hoping that by the time we finish the third film people will hopefully understand how important acceptance and tolerance are and that is doesn’t matter whether its Gay story or a straight story. Its a LOVE STORY.” Mr. Tangen concluded.

There were a lot of media and photographers at the screening red carpet event waiting for the actors and VIP invited guest to arrive.

After the movie screening, people were invited to walk to the after-Party at Rage Nightclub at 10PM with complementary drinks for the first half-hour. Kris Searle performed live. The organizers had half of the second floor at Rage Night Club to celebrate with the cast members, directors, and VIP guests with champagne and cakes.

“It is always a pleasure to see a film that speaks to the LGBT community, and Michael Donahue and Tom Tangen have really delivered a beautiful independent film this year. I found ‘POOLTIME’ to be a fun story about love, friendships, dating and commitment between people. The actors give nice performances and the music really helps bring this motion picture to another level. Some of these excellent songs are clearly worthy of awards and I suspect that they will be a memorable piece of this production for a long time to come. I have no doubt that ‘POOLTIME’ will do well in the various independent film festivals.” said Dr. John Carvalho, CSU Senator and Member of the Political Action Committee, Human Rights Campaign.

The movie is not available yet for the general public’s viewing, but producers hope a major distribution company will buy the rights for national distribution.

The movie was produced by Michael Donahue Productions in association with Elusive Entertainment and co-produced by Inge Jaklin. The movie was written and directed by Michael Donahue. Pool Time The Movie is part of a trilogy series; Pizza Time and Party Time are due out soon.

About Pool Time The Movie:
Entering a gay midlife crisis, David, a handsome urban professional, decides to hold a different kind of pool party this weekend in West Hollywood. At almost 40, David invites only his former boyfriends, not to do shots of Patron and play Lady Gaga, but to see if there really is a husband for him somewhere in his pool. The moment one hunk’s swim trunks are nearly pulled off during horseplay in the pool, David’s former boyfriend Virgil shows up with his own mother! Mama Anna scolds David for his procrastinating– she wants David to get together with her son already! What’s keeping them apart? And in another surprise visit, David’s sister drops off her son for the day. Now David must keep his straight nephew from getting into trouble on the Internet. (David finds it tough to advise his straight nephew on fidelity when five near-naked guys are in the pool today!) Sure, David’s advice to his nephew helps the kid, but David has his own epiphany– one of the guys in the pool looks like “the one”. Cupid even unexpectedly pierces the hearts of Virgil’s mother, the Neighbor Tad, and even the pizza boy. David embarks on an exciting, touching, and often hilarious journey of rediscovery in a story about friendship, dating and commitment. After all, David’ ideal man can’t be far off with so many hot guys in his pool! The movie is about 80 minutes, For more information visit http://pooltimethemovie.com/

Sources: http://www.pooltimethemovie.com http://www.youtube.com/glozell1 & http://www.tontangen.com
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Editor’s Note: Story was proofread by Linda Krongold, our New York, NY Special Correspondent For Diversity News. For more information you can contact her at andmeljar@aol.com
Special Note: Esteban “Steven” Escobar, editor of Diversity News was credited on the movie as the publicist of Pool Time The Movie.
Photos courtesy of Rodrigo Vaz. You can contact Rodrigo at rodrigo.m.c.m.vaz@gmail.com for photos shoots. © 2010 By Diversity News Publications. All Rights Are Reserved.
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