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Recording Artist Moby Performed for Physicians Committee For Responsible Medicine

February 15, 2011 by  
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By: Songirl Sez, Special for Diversity News Magazine


Grammy Nominated Electronic and Pop Recording Artist Moby performed a 30 minute acoustic set in Beverly Hills on February 12, 2010 for the PCRM (Physicians Committee For Responsible Medicine) Fundraiser to a crowd of around 300 people.

Guests were shuttled up to the private estate of James Costa, a long time animal rights advocate with tickets going for $50 and the event running from 6-10pm. PCRM is a nonprofit organization founded in 1985 which has led the way for reforms in federal nutrition policies. Opposed to unethical human experiments, they promote and offer alternatives to animal research and testing. About an hour after the fundraiser began, a slide show was shown, with frightening statistics given on the obesity rate in children, stating that 1 in 3 children are now obese and 1 in 5 teens have abnormal cholesteral levels. Data showed a correlation of eating meat with these facts. The average American now eats 75 pounds more meat and 30 pounds more cheese each year, compared to a century ago. PCRM showed a new chart, called the “Power Plate” with four equal corners of Fruits, Grains, Legumes and Vegetables, promoted as “the well-rounded diet that could save your life” from the thepowerplate.org.

The slide show also discussed important animal issues at hand, as well as recent triumphs due to the tenacity, passion and compassion of PCRM. There were disturbing photos of a small squirrel monkey being squished into a narrow tube to be flown up into space for testing of the affects of ionizing radiation to simulate hazards of interplanetary space travel. When the photo was shown of the helpless animal, several gasps were heard in the crowd. Moments later the gasps turned to sighs as the guests were informed that PCRM was able to convince NASA to cancel the proposed monkey radiation experiments.

Shortly after the slide show and stories of triumphs and future areas of concern were shared, recording artist Moby performed an acoustic set. Although his performance was interrupted after just one song by Ady Gil who offered 2 all access Grammy passes, eventually selling to the highest bidder for $8,000, Moby seemed to take the auction intrusion in stride. Once continuing his set, he commented in between songs regarding the continual talking, asking people to go downstairs to chat. Moby played both guitar and piano during his performances, with the highlight being his vocal / acoustic guitar rendition of “Ring Of Fire” originally recorded by the late Johnny Cash.

Notables in attendance were Film makers Shaun Monson and Charles Hambleton, Recording Artists Moby, Fawn and Persia White, Book Authors Rory Freedman and Karen Dawn, Shannon Mann, Jane Valez-Mitchell, Patty Shenker, Ady Gil, Ellen Lavinthal, Robin Torme’, Kristin Bauer, Cindy Landon, Jennifer Landon, Chris DeRose, Libra Max and a host of others.

To donate of find out more about PCRM go to http://www.pcrm.org

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Video and Photos Courtesy & (C) 2011 by FFD Images. All Rights Are Reserved.
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Skin Trade DocuFilm Exposes What Fashion Really Costs

February 27, 2010 by  
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skintradethemovieBy: Songirl Sez, special story for Diversity News


The unprecedented documentary film “Skin Trade” made its red carpet Hollywood Debut on Thursday night, February 25, 2010 on the Paramount Pictures Lot. Produced by John Feldman and Ramy Hassan and Directed By Shannon Keith, the documentary film examines and exposes the fur trade industry and it’s unsuspecting customers.

The docufilm uncovers the shocking and disturbing reality of how animals are brutally, tortured, trapped and skinned alive all for the sake of fashion. It takes an honest and historical look inside the dark world of how fur is acquired and how glamour drives this demand and hides the ugly truth in the process.

Despite great attempts in recent years and much progress in helping people understand the origins of fur and the way it is made, contemporary culture still has an accepted attitude of cruelty, disregard and indifference when it comes to fur as a fashion statement. Although the documentary’s images are unsettling and devastating, one of the biggest bombshells was revealed about supposedly fur-friendly “faux fur.” It was uncovered that a large percentage of “Faux Fur” products use dog and cat fur to increase profits. (By the way, that’s murdered and skinned dogs and cats, folks-not just their hair shaved off). Consumers are also being misled by retailers who assure them that animals used for fur coats and such are humanely euthanized, intentionally hiding the truth of how the animals are gruesomely killed. Although this docufilm is not easy to watch, it is necessary and important to expose the truth about this unnecessary cruelty and torture. After viewing this documentary by Uncaged Films, a person has to ask themselves, what does fur lined fashion REALLY cost? To this, the answer is clear: integrity, dignity, compassion and a piece of our soul.

Supporters in Attendance: James Cromwell (Spiderman/Six Feet under), Debra Skelton (Family Guy/MadTV), Rory Freedman (Author NY Times Bestseller), Robin Torme’, Fawn (Hit singer/songwriter), Suzanna Urzuly (Actress/Model), Stephen Wozniak (Beyond The Da Vinci Code), Lacey Connor (Charm School/Rock Of Love), The Faded, Daisy De La Hoya (Rock Of Love/Daisy Of Love), Elaine Hendrix, Zoli Teglas (Pennywise), John Feldmann (Goldfinger), Ashley Paige (Fashion Designer), Gene Blalock (Composer), Synthian Sharp (Activist Rapper) and many others.

For more information about the movie visit http://www.skintradethemovie.com/

 © Photos courtesy of FFD Images, Cyndee Arroyo and Maxim Maximov