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The Pain Foundation Screening of ‘Unseen Hands’ Book Signing and Silent Auction A Success

November 18, 2010 by  
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By: Songirl Sez, Special for Diversity News Magazine
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On Sunday, November 14, 2010, The Pain Foundation presented a screening of the film, ‘Unseen Hands’ directed by Don Johns at the Charles Aidikoff Screening Room on Rodeo Drive in Beverly Hills. Tickets ranged from $40-$60, with the event running from 6-10pm and was hosted by Patty McCall, Producer, Actress and Author of  “Unmasking The Pain Within”’.  The function included an auction, book signing and red carpet.

Based on a true story, the film ‘Unseen Hands’ depicts one woman’s journey through deceit, manipulation and marital abuse with raw onscreen performances by actor Eric Andersen and the ever stunning actress Alicia Benavides-Greenfield. The auction included items from Singer/Actress Jessica Simpson and Mark Sanchez, Football Quarterback for the New York Jets. Sponsors and Contributors of the evening were California Talent, Ingrid’s Café of Beverly Hills, Dan Nash, New Life In Christ Bible Fellowship, Joel Garza, Charles Aidikoff, Trish Steel, Safe Passage, March Sanchez, Jessica Simpson, Daryl Kerns, Alex Kube, On Track Pictures, Got Munchies, Diversity News Publications and Mariah McGuinnis.
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Guest speakers included Scott Vostad from the LAPD, Domestic Violence Speaker and Counselor Marty Brenner and Patty McCall. There were touching performances by Multi-Platinum Award Winning Guitarist/Producer Frank R Greenfield aka ‘DeVille’, American Music Awards and NAACP Awards Singer/Songwriter Shawntae Jackson, Singer Michael-Ann, Comedy Store Comedian Diane Kawasaki and 19 year old child abuse survivor and rapper Juny Honaker.

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Anger Management and Domestic Violence expert Marty Brenner spoke to the select crowd of around 100 people stating that “Anger is a feeling that needs to be vented by itself without hostility or aggression. No one deserves violent, raging behavior. Anger management enables us to function assertively and rationally when anger comes up, with the ability to protect our rights and express our needs when we feel violated.” He went on to explain that “the goal of anger management counseling is to totally immerse participants enough so that they can confront denial, accept responsibility for controlling their anger, become fully fluent in the anger management concepts and gain intensive hands-on experience in applying these concepts in their own lives.”

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An audience member asked Brenner if people with control issues, violent behavior and anger can change, he said “Yes they can – I did! Given the proper motivation, tools and strategies, any one can change.” He said he provides a “step-by-step process that helps them control their anger” which will in turn begin to change their anger patterns.

After the speakers, entertainment and screening concluded, guests were able to meet and greet the author and producer of the film in the lobby, where she was signing copies of “Unmasking The Pain Within.” Notables in attendance were Aura Imbarus, PhD., Educator and Author of “Out of the Transylvania Night,” Hit Recording Artist, Grammy Considered Songwriter and Animal and Children’s Rights Activist Fawn and Actor, Musician, Veronica DiPippo, Lisa Ann Vombrack, Emperor Frederick Von Seidl, Ingrid Bedrosian, Teresa Brown, Jimmy Driscoll,  Film Director Mark Valinsky.
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About Pain Foundation: P.A.I.N. Foundation is focused on the prevention and awareness of domestic violence against Women and children. Domestic violence is on the rise, some attribute it to the economy. It becomes a terrible cycle that spirals downward until the climatic destruction of a human being occurs. Lives are shattered and souls are lost, children witness this and they develop behaviors that continue the cycle. Bullying becomes acceptable behavior and more lives become negatively affected. The cycle must be broken, the violence must stop, the P.A.I.N. Foundation seeks to educate children and teens on ending the cycle and leading more positive and loving relationships. Help us stop the cycle and the abuse. Let us build a better tomorrow for our children and build a safer today. Use the tools we have, love, respect and ongoing education. To find out more and support the P.A.I.N. Foundation visit

Editor’s Note: Publicity event was coordinated by our parent company Diversity News Publications, the Public Relations Division. Photos of the event are courtesy & (C) 2010 by Daniela Hubbard, Francois Palais and Joel Garza for Diversity News Publications, a media and public relations firm. (C) 2010 By Diversity News Publications. All Rights Are Reserved.

Cindy Landon and Jennifer Pryor Help Raise Funds For Sanctuary

November 16, 2010 by  
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By JR, Special for Diversity News Magazine, published by Diversity News Publications

Saturday, November 13, 2010 Celebrities and Animal Rights Supporters came out for an exclusive A.R.M.E. (Animal, Rescue, Media and Education) and Uncaged Films fundraiser for their latest docufilm, “Sanctuary” directed by multi-award winning Shannon Keith and produced by Shannon Keith, Gene Blalock, Alec Pedersen and Ellen Lavinthal.

The cocktail attired event was graciously held at the Lavinthal estate and ran from 5-midnight. The $250.00 tax deductible ticket included a red carpet, drinks, catered food by One World Veggie Cuisine, auction items and screening of never-before seen footage of the film currently in production. Sanctuary documents the lives, incredible escape and survival of a few different primates from captivity – Udi, Puchi, Chucky, Moses, Chi Chi and Jimmy Sr., to name a few. When the short version of the film was finished rolling, there wasn’t a dry eye in the theater. The docufilm is about the will to live with innocent lives interrupted by tragedy, heroes and hope. Through a series of challenges each individual tale touches us in a different way from torture, enslavement, deprivation, mutilation and eventually safety and happiness. Enter Sanctuary – an inspirational and heart-warming glimpse into the lives of our primate brothers and sisters up close and personal. The docufilm unveils the sadness, pain and eventual hope and inspiration that transforms hopelessness into hope, and sadness into gratitude. The beginnings of the film are Inspirational, heart-warming and take you where no film has ever gone. Notables in attendance were Zoli Teglas from Pennywise, Annimal Allience Big TV host Ellen Lavinthal, Cindy Landon, Jennifer Pryor, Grammy Considered Recording Artist and 2010 HMMA Nominee Fawn, Producer of the Cove Alec Pedersen, Wendy Dio, Jungle Friends Primate Sanctuary Founder Kari Bagnall, 2010 Peta Award Winner Christina Cho, Actress/Activist Ciddy Fonteboa, LCA Investigator Bryan Monell, Publicist Steven Escobar, and Suzanne Takowsky with Beverly Hills Times, among others. To donate to the making of this film go to www.arme.tv.

About ARME:

ARME’s mission is to eliminate the suffering of all animals. This goal is achieved by rescuing unwanted and homeless animals and by educating the public of the vast extent of the suffering animals endure in our society. Through its actions and words, ARME advances the freedom of all animals.

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Editor’s Note: Very Special Thank you to Recording Artist, Philanthropists and Actress Fawn. Also to Shannon Keith and the cast of “Sanctuary”.

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